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I've lived a rather nomadic lifestyle and although I now consider the Desert Southwest my home, the wandering days are not over; drawing helps me explore the world. My media is pen and ink. To me, it's all about detail and process. Drawing helps me to understand the human condition, to impose my own sort of order on chaos. Although I am not personally religious, I'm interested in religious and cultural beliefs, customs, rituals, artifacts, icons, symbols, architecture, and the ways in which religion and culture affect each other. I'm drawn to the odd, the quirky, the esoteric; to the grace and flow of textiles and garments on the human form; to the emotional and psychic elements of the human condition, as well as to the physical. My formal training is in technical drawing which, when it isn't an overt element, is a heavy influence in my work.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

WIP - Dressing Durer's Beast

WIP - Dressing Durer's Beast
Dressing Durer's Beast
5 x 3 in
Catherine L. Mommsen

Durer created his Rhino without ever having seen one. They were novel in his time. His intended model drowned in a shipwreck before he saw it. He drew from someone else's notes. I've always loved this beast, in part because he got some of it anatomically wrong. My drawing is based on his outline.


  1. Catherine,

    Just lovely....such, you out did yourself, lady!!

  2. Hi mom,

    This is one of my favorite of all time... I think it the most unbelieveable to see that... so i print it and hand on my wall smiling....

    Love you mom so much...
    Your Son