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I've lived a rather nomadic lifestyle and although I now consider the Desert Southwest my home, the wandering days are not over; drawing helps me explore the world. My media is pen and ink. To me, it's all about detail and process. Drawing helps me to understand the human condition, to impose my own sort of order on chaos. Although I am not personally religious, I'm interested in religious and cultural beliefs, customs, rituals, artifacts, icons, symbols, architecture, and the ways in which religion and culture affect each other. I'm drawn to the odd, the quirky, the esoteric; to the grace and flow of textiles and garments on the human form; to the emotional and psychic elements of the human condition, as well as to the physical. My formal training is in technical drawing which, when it isn't an overt element, is a heavy influence in my work.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Dance, originally uploaded by Doeki.

8 x 10
Ink on Strathmore 140# cotton rag
Catherine L. Mommsen


  1. Now I also have found your blog, really great artwork! :)
    Greetings from LaWendula

  2. Hi honeypie,

    Thanks for your mail,now I get to follow you here. Your art is full of style,grace and spirit.

    Love, Kelly xx

  3. She is so lovely. She reminds me of a patchwork of color, only, without any color. Hm. Will you leave her as she is or will you be doing more to her? Splendid form, movement, with a touch of, dare I say, whimsy.